star trek t shirt

Star Trek Embroidered T-Shirt

100% cotton t-shirt – embroidered Star Trek logo

We have an ever growing range of Star Trek themed & inspired clothing. Our hoodies & varsity jackets have been really popular over the last couple of years so we have decided to expand our range ready for warmer parts of the year.

Our Star Trek t-shirts are 100% cotton & nice heavy weight. We have chosen to use Trek standard colours to mirror Starfleet divisions so you can choose from:


If standard the divisional colours are a bit too bright for you, we have included black, light grey & dark grey to expand & augment the available range.

We’re also really happy with the range of sizes we offer.

Chest Sizes in inches:
S 34/36″ 
M 38/40″ 
L 42/44″ 
XL 46/48″ 
2XL 50/52″ 
3XL 54/56″

The black t-shirt is also available in larger sizes:
4XL 53/55″ 
5XL 56/58″

We stitch the logo on the t-shirts rather than using a print method. Stitching gives the Starfleet delta a 3D effect and as it isn’t a print, it will never fade, lasting as long as the garment!

You can even choose to have the stitching in gold or silver/grey.

So loads of choice available for our new Star Trek T-shirt. You can find it, currently on sale in our Etsy shop here.

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