Star Trek Hoodie

New: Star Trek, The Next Generation Hoodie

Star Trek Hoodie in three divisional colours

Star Trek Hoodie

We love Star Trek at BWC. Huge fans in fact. You’ll find a wide range of Trek related gear in our shop.
Our latest release is a brand new version of the most popular product in our range. The Star Trek Hoodie in a choice of contrasting trim colours.

Find it in our shop here

This version is inspired by Star Trek, The next Generation. The hoodies are black and you can choose from red, blue or gold trim. The trim being inside the hood as well as the drawstrings. The Next Generation era Delta logo is embroidered onto the hoodie in silver/grey & gold thread. We’re not claiming any form of screen accuracy (hoodies aren’t popular in the 24th century) but we always try to maintain a high level of quality in our artwork.

We love Trek swag and are very proud to offer gear like this which isn’t too over the top but still lets you fly your Trek flag with pride!

Another thing we’re pretty good at is offering a really wide range of sizes on our products. This TNG hood goes from small all the way up to 5XL in the red trim version.

Here’s the chest sizes in inches:

S 36″
M 40″ 
L 44″
XL 48″ 
2XL 52″ 
3XL 56″
Our Red variant is available up to 5XL!
4XL 60″
5XL 64″

Sizing is pretty much spot on, check our customer reviews to see what others say. We are also very proud of the quality of the hoodie itself. This is high quality, heavyweight gear. Built to take punishment. Built to last.

So if you are a Trek fan like us, grab a TNG inspired hoodie! MAKE IT SO!

Find our new Trek Hoodie at our Etsy store:

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