Star Trek the Next Generation Embroidered T Shirts

Available in divisional colours and more

There are loads of really cool Star Trek T Shirts out there. In fact, it’s an amazing time to be a fan. Star Trek: Discovery has hit the nail on the head recently…..well, it has for me anyway. I know it may not be everyone’s style but season two was a masterpiece as far as I’m concerned. The use of Captain Pike was inspired and Anson Mount absolutely smashed it!

I get sidetracked easily when i’m enthusiastic about something….. Back on topic. Check out my Next Generation T Shirts!

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I wanted to show off our latest Star Trek design. The Next Generation was my introduction to the Trek universe so holds a very special place. I was having a mooch around Google at TNG T shirts and I spotted a bit of a gap. There are plenty of fans out there who want a good quality, well fitting shirt with a tasteful and robust Starfleet insignia. This is my take on that. I’ve took the TNG badge and stitched it onto t shirts. No print, no transfers. This is top quality embroidery.

Stitching gives you some great benefits. Firstly, it doesn’t look like a flat print. It has texture, depth and actual ‘feel’ to the design. The threads have a slight metallic edge about them, not reflective but it gives the design substance. Another great benefit is the design will simply last the life of the shirt. That lifespan depends on how many wears/washes and how you treat your clothes but unlike a screen print which will eventually crack and fade and a transfer which will probably peel eventually (could be years), and embroidered design will look as good as new even when the t shirt itself is a tattered rag used for polishing your car!

We run lots of Trek based themes with our T shirts and this new design is no different. Colours come in



We want to offer as many choices to as many fans as possible. There are fans who want those divisional colours and there are those who want to tone it down a bit. I’m in team-tone down if i’m honest but that’s just me.

All shirts go up to 3XL in size with black going as far as 5XL

I’m really proud of these, I think they look great and really allow fans to show their fandom with pride!

Check them out here: