Harry Potter – The Dark Mark T Shirt

There’s plenty of Potter gear out there – Here’s some love for the bad guys!

The Wizarding world is an awesome place! Imagine getting your Hogwarts letter……Still waiting for mine, I think i’ve been forgotten by now!

As it looks like I won’t be attending Hogwarts after all, I better get onto making/selling cool T shirts instead 😉

Voldemort Did Nothing Wrong

Umm, I think i’ll take that back. He was a proper horror-bag. When you think of movie villains, there is often the potential for redemption along the way. Not our Tom, he was a rat bag! Even Darth Vader thought things through at the end! One thing’s for sure is the evil wizards & witches in the HP world had style, in this case it was in tattoo form!

Dark Mark

Voldemort’s top lieutenants all had a bad ass tattoo, the Dark Mark. As tattoos go it’s pretty cool. Not always visible which is great for job interviews etc but when you want to look like a proper bad guy…..there it is. We were inspired by the style and design so we did some magic and popped the Dark Mark on a T shirt!

We’ve got some options for you. Choose from dark heather grey, light graphite or heather burgundy shirt colours with sizes going from small through to 3XL. We make all of our gear so customisation is available. If you want a different shirt – perhaps a larger size, we have options so give us a shout!

Our shirts are absolutely top quality. 100% cotton, well made and hard wearing. The print is big and bold across the front in black. NICE!

You can find the Dark Mark shirt in our shop right here: https://www.badwolfclothes.com/product/harry-potter-dark-mark-t-shirt and this one is a Bad Wolf webshop exclusive. We don’t sell this in our Etsy shop, Ebay or anywhere else!

Go for it. Let your bad guy flag fly and show your fandom to the world!