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This is me, in my home made Mandalorian costume.  Yes, I am as big a geek as the rest of you!


I used to print & embroider for a larger company. We worked hard hours in a hot & uncomfortable factory. Not very satisfying work. Whilst the environment wasn't great, I loved the industry & print processes!

I 'had some time off' when my daughter was born to be a stay at home dad. Well. the little one is now at school and I have returned to the print & embroidery industry.

Instead of going back to what I knew, I've left hot & noisy factories behind in favour of a small workshop. I work alone in a very pleasant environment.... My only 'colleague' is my cat called Ripley! The industrial aspects of print & embroidery have been swept away in favour of more artistic & craft based environment.

I've been happily printing to order since 2017.  My stuff can also be found in my now very well established Etsy store where I happily mingle amongst the hand made & vintage community!  Having my own store here gives me a lot more creative freedom.  I offer designs and deals here which you wont find in my Etsy store ) or anywhere else!

Want some more peace of mind before you checkout?  This is my customer feedback......Pretty decent!

I love being able to create designs based on subjects which interest me. I figure, if i like something, maybe if you are a geek like me....You'll like them too!

By shopping in my store, you are supporting independence & creativity......and helping to buy food ;)

Thanks for visiting.

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