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Welcome to the new Bad Wolf Shop

Bad Wolf Clothes has it’s own shop at last

I’ve been dithering and messing around with building our own shop for ages. Our main store location has been on Etsy since we started selling back at the end of 2017. Well, Etsy is great…love the place but using a third party selling application like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon etc does restrict you to there rules, shop appearance, terms & conditions and FEES! We’re going to keep trading on Etsy but our goal is to firstly offer the same catalogue here but at a cheaper price than Etsy (No Etsy fees here) as well as adding Bad Wolf Exclusives which will only be available here!

The Exclusives catalogue is already running. Currently small but it’s here! We’ve got some Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park gear already in place. One of our shop favourites since day one is there. Check out the Jurassic Park – Isla Nublar Running Club fitness t shirt! Available in store here

Jurassic Park - Isla Nublar T shirt
Jurassic Park - Isla Nublar T shirt
Jurassic Park - Isla Nublar T shirt
Jurassic Park - Isla Nublar T shirt
Jurassic Park - Isla Nublar T shirt
Jurassic Park - Isla Nublar T shirt
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The other great park of running our own store is we can now fully customise anything in our store. Let’s use the Jurassic Park T shirt as an example. Say you really love it but you’d prefer a red t shirt and a black print……No trouble at all. Just get in touch and let me know what you’d like to customise and we’ll see what we can do. Colour changes wouldn’t normally cost any extra to the listed item. How about you want to change the wording or want to add your name to the back of the shirt……No drama, we can do that too! Again, get in touch and we’ll fix you up. changing graphics and adding names etc will normally cost a little bit more than the listed cost, but it won’t be much!

Getting in touch is easy, just use our contact form here or get us through our Facebook Page here

With extra customisation your options are unlimited!

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Star Wars – Rogue Squadron Embroidered Hoodie

Star Wars Hoodie

Pull over or zip up versions available

New hoodie alert! Check out our latest Star Wars inspired creation.

Rogue Squadron, also referred to as Rogue Group, was a Rebel Alliance starfighter squadron founded by Luke Skywalker in 1 ABY during the Galactic Civil War. They were named for Rogue One, the team of Rebels led by Jyn Erso who sacrificed themselves to steal the Death Star plans during the Battle of Scarif. The squadron was officially formed during the Galactic Empire’s attack on the Mako-Ta Space Docks and fought in a number of engagements, including the Battle of Hoth. – Thanks Wikipedia

So we’ve took one of our favourite hoodie styles & created a logo to suit. The design includes the Rebel Alliance symbol and Rogue Squadron in bold text. The hoodie is black and includes red draw strings and inner hood. Fantastic contrasting colours! The logo is embroidered – No sketchy transfers. This is heavy duty, built to last stuff!

We also offer the hoodie in two versions. You can choose between pullover or full zip up options. The zip up goes from small to 2xl and the pullover goes from small to a very generous 5xl!

These are the chest sizes in inches:

S 36″ 
M 40″ 
L 44″
XL 48″ 
2XL 52″ 
3XL 56″
4XL 60″
5XL 64″

You can grab your hoodie in our Etsy store here

Rogue Two
“This is Rogue Two”
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New: Star Trek, The Next Generation Hoodie

Star Trek Hoodie

Star Trek Hoodie in three divisional colours

Star Trek Hoodie

We love Star Trek at BWC. Huge fans in fact. You’ll find a wide range of Trek related gear in our shop.
Our latest release is a brand new version of the most popular product in our range. The Star Trek Hoodie in a choice of contrasting trim colours.

Find it in our shop here

This version is inspired by Star Trek, The next Generation. The hoodies are black and you can choose from red, blue or gold trim. The trim being inside the hood as well as the drawstrings. The Next Generation era Delta logo is embroidered onto the hoodie in silver/grey & gold thread. We’re not claiming any form of screen accuracy (hoodies aren’t popular in the 24th century) but we always try to maintain a high level of quality in our artwork.

We love Trek swag and are very proud to offer gear like this which isn’t too over the top but still lets you fly your Trek flag with pride!

Another thing we’re pretty good at is offering a really wide range of sizes on our products. This TNG hood goes from small all the way up to 5XL in the red trim version.

Here’s the chest sizes in inches:

S 36″
M 40″ 
L 44″
XL 48″ 
2XL 52″ 
3XL 56″
Our Red variant is available up to 5XL!
4XL 60″
5XL 64″

Sizing is pretty much spot on, check our customer reviews to see what others say. We are also very proud of the quality of the hoodie itself. This is high quality, heavyweight gear. Built to take punishment. Built to last.

So if you are a Trek fan like us, grab a TNG inspired hoodie! MAKE IT SO!

Find our new Trek Hoodie at our Etsy store:

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American Football Gear

Shropshire Revolution American Football

Club & Teamwear for British American Football

We don’t tend to market BWC as a bespoke print company. We focus most of our efforts into our own designs which you can find in our shop here.

There is a small ‘but’ though. The main man at BWC used to play/coach American football (DL – Low in the depth chart – Google Redditch Arrows, probably before your time 😉 ). With that in mind, we are always happy to help out football teams with gear where we can.

We don’t sell helmets & pads – sorry

We do sell printed/stitched t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts etc etc and can even offer a limited helmet decal service too!

We don’t go looking for work but we currently help out Shropshire Revolution, Birmingham Bulls, Worcestershire Black Knights & Worcester Royals. You can find some of the stuff we offer WBK & the Rev in our shop, just click their links. We can take the hard work of organising team orders by offering your team a space in our shop where your players can order what they need, when they need. Alternatively, if you prefer to do it the old fashioned way, you can always deal with us direct if you like! Either works!

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about what we can offer you!

Contact Us

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Selling on Etsy

selling on etsy

Can I make a living selling on Etsy?

selling on Etsy

Well, it probably depends on what you are selling!

BWC has been selling on the Etsy Platform since Autumn 2017. We have a presence on other selling platforms but after running for a while now, Etsy is probably our favourite.

One thing is certain, we currently survive on Etsy alone. When we first setup our store it took a few weeks for our first sale to come through. Our second/third etc took nearly as long. But we persevered and sales started to trickle through on a fairly regular basis. A year and a half later, we kerching pretty much every day with weekends normally offering multiple sales per day.

I’ll talk to you about how we got running on Etsy.

Basically, we followed Etsy’s guidelines to get the ball rolling. We listed a bunch of items on day one. I think we kicked off with twenty listings. As per the guidance, we added as many photos as we could to each listing. We used all of the tags available, tried to make item descriptions clear and useful and we tried to make each listing title as search friendly as we could.

We would also cross post our listings on a previous incarnation of our website to make sure we were offering Google juicy links to follow.

As we were linking website to Etsy, we used Google Webmaster tools to let google know our website existed and to help with indexing on the search engine.

So back to Etsy itself. How did we help ourselves more?

We looked at competitor Etsy stores. You will always have competition! Our pricing is/was pretty much in line with our competitors from the get go. Our plan was to undercut the competition but we thought things through, kept our prices in the same ballpark and decided to win sales based on quality. We made absolutely sure that when we found a competitor with similar products, we made ours BETTER! be it better designs, higher quality (heavier) materials…..whatever gave us an advantage. This has been a winning strategy for the long term slog so far!

So our prices were right, what else? Shipping! Initially, we only shipped to the UK and Europe as we thought shipping further than our back garden would be a bit of a pain. It turns out that by restricting our reach, we were strangling sales like crazy! We opened up our store to worldwide sales (barring a few locations) and the floodgates opened.

Shipping costs are tricky. It costs a lot of money to ship our goods. Some gear is bulky and absorbing those costs within free postage wasn’t possible to us so where we do add shipping costs we keep them as low as we possibly can. We offer free shipping whenever we can though. We also offer upgraded shipping options. It costs the customer more but offers peace of mind. As a UK based seller, we’ve discovered that US based customers basically expect order tracking to be inclusive of our standard shipping option. Royal Mail does not offer tracking as a standard so we always make sure international customers are aware of this and give them the option to upgrade their shipping.

Final thing for now. We run loads of promotions. Regular sale events & we also offer coupons & discounts to motivate sales. This has been huge. Everyone wants the best price they can get afterall.

So a year and a half in. Can we make a living on Etsy? Not a chance – yet! We have to use multiple platforms and whilst our Etsy sales continue to rise nicely, we don’t see Etsy being a full time option for us in the short to medium term.

But, it’s the best selling platform for seller fees and the user interface is pretty decent.

Biggest con for Etsy. As a buyer, if you aren’t already aware of Etsy, are you likely to find our listings via google, and then…..Will you buy there? Good questions!

You can find us on Etsy here

Bad Wolf Clothes

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Star Trek Embroidered T-Shirt

star trek t shirt

100% cotton t-shirt – embroidered Star Trek logo

We have an ever growing range of Star Trek themed & inspired clothing. Our hoodies & varsity jackets have been really popular over the last couple of years so we have decided to expand our range ready for warmer parts of the year.

Our Star Trek t-shirts are 100% cotton & nice heavy weight. We have chosen to use Trek standard colours to mirror Starfleet divisions so you can choose from:


If standard the divisional colours are a bit too bright for you, we have included black, light grey & dark grey to expand & augment the available range.

We’re also really happy with the range of sizes we offer.

Chest Sizes in inches:
S 34/36″ 
M 38/40″ 
L 42/44″ 
XL 46/48″ 
2XL 50/52″ 
3XL 54/56″

The black t-shirt is also available in larger sizes:
4XL 53/55″ 
5XL 56/58″

We stitch the logo on the t-shirts rather than using a print method. Stitching gives the Starfleet delta a 3D effect and as it isn’t a print, it will never fade, lasting as long as the garment!

You can even choose to have the stitching in gold or silver/grey.

So loads of choice available for our new Star Trek T-shirt. You can find it, currently on sale in our Etsy shop here.

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Our Website is Back!

bad wolf clothes

We love Trek

Hi. You’ve found us.

Welcome to Bad Wolf Clothes. We’re a print & embroidery company based in Wolverhampton, UK.
We specialise in really cool clothing for Sci-Fi fans (as well as some other stuff too!) We host our shop over at Etsy. You can find us here:

Bad Wolf – Wolf = Wolverhampton
Bad Wolf – See Doctor Who – Total geek fest!

Do we offer custom printing?
Well yes, but we are really dialled into our Sci-Fi niche. We don’t really offer trade printing (we used to but it wasn’t fun). If you are looking for print/embroidery for your club, team, business etc, we probably aren’t the right place. If you want an embroidered Star Trek hoodie with your name stitched on……We are the geeks for you!

Do we have a physical shop?
We are almost totally web only. We occasionally have a table at sci-fi conventions but we are basically dwellers of the internet. We use Etsy as our storefront to give you the security & confidence to shop with us. Check out our customer reviews…..We’re not bad 😉

Who are you dealing with?
Bad Wolf CLothes
That’s me!
I’m Brad. I run BWC and work on my own. BWC is intentionally a small business and has been running in this form since 2017. I produce everything myself.
I have been in the print/embroidery trade for nearly twenty years. I’m the guy making the gear, answering the emails, writing the blogs, making the tea, swearing at the embroidery machine. Yep, just me!

I’m also an enormous geek.  I love Star Trek, Star Wars and so much more. 
My work-mates are three cats but they aren’t allowed in the workshop!

So, dealing with BWC is supporting small UK business (I ship worldwide) and it makes me very happy!