Yes! I can offer customisation on pretty much any piece you see on my site.  

You can add text, make alterations, change colours, change the garment entirely if you want. 

Some things to consider 


Unless it is the most straightforward alteration (like asking for a different colour shirt), customization will generally come at an additional cost.  Normally it isn't much but consider that I am adding extra production to a piece and that takes time & material.  It'll be a couple of pounds for a small change. 


Custom Work is Non-Returnable

As soon as I change a design it becomes customized and is absolutely non-refundable so make sure you are happy with sizing etc first.  All custom work comes with a chat with me (via email/text) and an artwork proof for you to look at and approve before I produce the finished garment(s) Here's the legal part.

Can I produce completely bespoke stuff like work wear etc?

Yes I can.  It's not a problem at all!



Contact Me For Custom Work Requests

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Looking for some custom work?  Let this idiot (me) tell you about it!