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STAR TREK Hooded top.

Black Hoodie, Black embroidered logo

We have loads of Trek Stuff on site, most of it understated & low key! This is our most low key Trek listing. A black hoodie with a black Starfleet delta.

In certain light, it'll be really easy to spot. Obvious Trek! In lower & less direct light, the embroidered logo is much more muted and as we already said, low key! To photograph the embroidered logo, we've had to cast a fair amount of light over it so it can show you the stitch quality. It looks almost grey but trust's black!

The delta logo is approx 3 inches tall.

Our hoodies are a really decent quality & a nice heavy weight. We're very proud of the quality. This hoodie should last you years! (Owners note: I have a couple of this brand hoodie in my wardrobe. The oldest is going strong after 5 years)


These are ADULT hoodies and come in these chest sizes:

S 36"

M 40"

L 44"

XL 48"

2XL 52"

3XL 56"

4XL 60"

5XL 64"

Shipping is Royal Mail SECOND CLASS for T-Shirts and SECOND CLASS for hoodies and other heavier items. YOU CAN UPGRADE TO FIRST CLASS OR FULLYTRACKED AT THE CHECKOUT

I am only shipping within the UK until further notice.

Star Trek Hoodie - Star Trek , Black Hoodie, Black embroidered logo

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