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STAR TREK Hooded tops with divisional colour trim.

Also available in our own shop at a better price (as we don't have to pay Etsy fees):

We love these. It can be hard to find trek clothing which isn't too over the top. These hoodies are understated. All are black but come with colour trim in your favorite Starfleet division.

Whichever colour you prefer, all are embroidered on the left chest with a version of the Next Generation era Starfleet 'delta' logo.

Inside the pocket, you'll find a little hidden opening for earphone cords as well as earphone loops inside the garment


These are ADULT hoodies and come in these sizes:

S 36"

M 40"

L 44"

XL 48"

2XL 52"

3XL 56"

Our Red variant is available up to 5XL!

4XL 60"

5XL 64"

Shipping is Royal Mail SECOND CLASS for T-Shirts and SECOND CLASS for hoodies and other heavier items. YOU CAN UPGRADE TO FIRST CLASS OR FULLYTRACKED AT THE CHECKOUT

I am only shipping within the UK until further notice.

Star Trek, The Next Generation Hoodie. Available in three divisional colours, R

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